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It currently generates about $563,499 annually for reconstruction, resurfacing and repair of roads and bridges. Meanwhile, the mayor and City Council reps will all get roughly a 2.5 percent raise annually in their salaries from 2024 to 2027. Mayor Ann Womer Benjamin stressed the salaries will not go into effect during any of the current officials’ terms, although some of them could see the raises if they are re-elected. The mayor’s salary will be $110,034 in 2024, $112,785 in 2025, $115,605 in 2026 and $118,495 in 2027. Womer Benjamin currently receives $102,275, which is scheduled to rise to $107,350 in 2023. Council members’ salary will be $12,095 in 2024, $12,397 in 2025, $12,707 in 2026 and $13,025 in 2027. They currently get $11,000 annually. Council president George Horvat receives an additional $1,500, committee of the whole chairman John Kudley an additional $1,200 and planning commission rep Kathi Grandillo $1,000 more. Those amounts will stay the same from 2024 to 2027. Council awarded a contract to Agricultural Design Inc. to install drainage at Hartman Athletic Complex’s soccer fields in August or September at a cost of $28,800, while Stantec will perform asset management services. Cost of the latter will be $71,500 for Year 1 and $90,000 each for Years 2 and 3, and the work will include water finalization and sanitary and service/right-of-way formulation and implementation. It will result in connection to the city’s Works Asset Management and GIS software programs. A cooperative agreement with the Portage County engineer’s office was approved. It paves the way for the county to pay the city $20,000 toward a culvert replacement totaling $116,178 on Aurora Lake Road. Council requested that the state of Ohio allocate the city’s share of American Rescue Plan money, which Finance Director Tim Clymer estimated will be about $1.7 million over the next two years. He said the city will have three years to spend the funds. The mayor was authorized to enter into an addendum to Pulte Homes’ development agreement for Renaissance Park at Geauga Lake Phase I West. Pulte will pay the city $1,000 per unit as an additional sanitary utilization and impact fee. Nicholas Sippy was approved as an engineering department co-op employee. Council sent to second reading a contract with Greenwich Electric Inc.

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